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  1. Please arrive on time for class. Classes are offered in 2-hour sessions. 10+ minutes late you may not get entry. If you’re 10 minutes late every week, that amounts to 60 minutes of studio time that you do not get back.
  2. Students are allowed one make-up class, for emergencies, illness or sudden work schedule change only - if needed.  The make-up class is not guaranteed. If you finish the required project in the time left, then no make-up. I understand that people need some flexibility in their schedule. If you need to miss a class due to illness, an emergency or sudden work schedule change, please text or email Antoinette with at least 4 hours' notice to cancel and reschedule. Cancellations with less than 4 hours' notice will not be made up. Make up days are a courtesy that are offered because life happens. It is not for family visitors, birthdays, anniversaries, etc. You may have to pay for additional time if the above requirements are not met.
  3. Remember to bring your supplies and materials with you each week. When working on your final projects, you will need to acquire your own materials and patterns. Our sewing studio has machines, thread, pins, irons and cutting tools, but you’ll want to choose your own fabric and patterns to customize your final project exactly how you want it.
  4. But please don’t bring anything else with you besides your project materials – people and pets included. We have limited space and we want to make sure all students feel free to move around the studio without the distraction of guests (e.g., partners, friends, children). Parents or guardians of young or special-needs students are permitted, just check with Antoinette first.
  6. No show, no call for the first class you are in jeopardy of forfeiting the complete series- no exceptions. Any subsequent classes no show or call will also forfeit that day's class, and you are at risk of losing next week's class if you do not email your intentions.
  7. There is a 2-registration minimum per class. If the minimum is not met, you may be asked to move to a different session.  Invite a friend or relative to register along with you.
  8. Intro to Quilting I may require homework if you are not able to keep up in class and you do not have a sewing machine at home you may have to pay for additional time.
  9. The class cannot take into account how slow you work. If you do not finish due to slowness you can register for the next 6-week session. Complete project, start on next project. Or pay for a 2-hour session at $50 to complete the project.
  10. Each subsequent 6-week class does not guarantee you will finish in the 12 hours allotted it depends again on how much you comprehend and how fast you work. Most however do finish.

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